Chinese is the future

Father Ray Children’s Home

With the Chinese nation becoming the second largest economy in the world, the people of Thailand know that knowledge of the Chinese language can only be of benefit.

Each Saturday morning whilst most of the residents of the Father Ray Children’s Home are learning English, a small group of children are receiving classes in Chinese, taught by the volunteers.

The classes only last one and a half hours, so the volunteers make the lessons as simple as possible, and also adding some fun to ensure the children retain what they are learning.

Each week the children greet their teachers with a traditional Thai greeting, followed by the Chinese translation, much to the amazement of the volunteers.


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Paying Respect

Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind

The last Thursday in June is designated as Teachers Day at the Pattaya School for the Blind. Known in the Thai language as ‘Wai Kru’, the ceremony is the one time of the year the students pay respect to the teachers.

The teachers at the School for the Blind are dedicated to the children and their work, ensuring that the students learn subjects following the national curriculum, and also the gaining the skills and knowledge the blind children will need to live an independent life.

Principal and co-founder of the school, Khun Aurora Sribuapan, opened the ceremony by welcoming the students and teaching staff, and reminding the students of the work of their teachers.

Following the opening speech the students repeated the student oath of allegiance, promising to be good students and respect and honour their teachers.

One student from each class was then selected to present their beautifully (เพิ่มเติม…)

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