Eggs for lunch

Eggs for lunch

Father Ray Day Care Center

In many parts of the world the small speckled quail’s egg is a delicacy. Often found in upscale grocery stores they are often classed as a luxury food, with a price tag that is out of the price range for many.

However, here in Thailand quail eggs are as common as hen’s eggs, and young Thai children love to eat them. At the Father Ray Day Care Center the youngsters from class 3 were given a cooking class to help prepare eggs for lunch time.

The coals were lit and the special egg pot was placed on top. Under the watchful eye of the teachers, the children were each given a handful of eggs.

Using their little fingers they pierced a small hole in the shell, then poured the egg out of its shell into the pot and placed the cover on top.

After two minutes the eggs were ready and with a spoon they scooped their eggs out and placed them on the tray ready for lunch.

Lunch time arrived and the children proudly passed the eggs to the other children, informing everyone that the eggs they were eating were produced by class 3.