Farmer Daeng

Father Ray Foundation

Whilst countries in the European Union worry about the most recent health scare, this time E-Coli affecting fresh fruit and vegetables, here at the Father Ray Foundation there is no panic. Up at the Father Ray Children’s Village a piece of land has been given over to Farmer Daeng. After spending most of his life on the land this man is an expert in producing food for our children. Before starting work each morning Farmer Daeng makes an offering of food to the spirit house, and lighting incense sticks he prays for a good harvest. It is a belief here in Thailand that spirits occupy the land, and a small house is built to house the spirits, alms are offered each morning and Thai people ask for protection from the spirits. In a few short months the farm has grown and is now producing a selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that are used in most Thai dishes. As soon as a crop is harvested the van from Central Purchasing arrives to transport the food to the various projects, ensuring the children are eating the freshest food possible. The spirits are certainly looking after Farmer Daeng and our children.


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